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John 10

If you have ever watched a shepherd with his sheep, you will always notice one thing. The shepherd is never pushing or driving the sheep. You will see that he walks and the sheep follow him. It is the same way with God. If we are following after Him, He will always go first. That means He will walk through the valley of the shadow of death before He ever asks me to walk through it. There is nothing you will ever face that He hasn't suffered. He doesn't drive you into a trial or a battle, He leads. (John 10:4-5) During Bible times the Shepherd would lay down at the door of the fold and guard it at night. Jesus tells us that He is the door and it is His job to guard the flock. He said "I am the Door - not a door, not one of the doors, but I am THE door. He was willing to give His life to protect the sheep and give them abundant life. Our shepherd became a sheep so that we sheep might know our Shepherd. My entry into the presence of the Father is not based upon who I am, what I do, or what I don't do. It is based upon who He is, and what He did on the Cross. When He laid down His life, Jesus became the door through which we enter His fold. Jesus remains our Good Shepherd, guiding us, watching over us, tending us, His flock.

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