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John 3-4

So last night we read about Nicodemus who belonged to the most prominent religious group in Israel and was a highly respected teacher. Tonight we shift gears and find Jesus sitting outside the city with a woman from Samaria. The man had observed all the laws of cleanliness and piety. The woman was thought to be tainted because of her pagan nationality and her background. However, Jesus sat and talked with both of them. He offered them both the same thing. "so that whoever believes will in Him have eternal life." John 3:15 The woman ran from him shouting to all the people in her town what she had learned at the well. On the other hand, we do not find out in this story what Nicodemus did with the information that he had gathered from Jesus. What we know is this.

1. Jesus is always there for us day or night.

2. God is not afraid of our most confounding questions.

3. Regardless of our status nothing is more important than the life of Christ within us.

4. Finally, no matter how great our sacrifice or how perfect we think we are, it can never compare to Christ's sacrifice for us.

If it makes you feel better Nicodemus will show back up at the end of John. The truth Jesus planted in his heart that night took root powerfully.

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